The official 3 day Hurricane Irene/Crazy life adventure

So I’ll admit it that on occasion my life goes insane. Most of the time they are very funny stories, and since I’m sitting here in a training clinic with no one to help I figure I would share with everyone the insane 96 hours I just went through.


Out of all of these days Friday was the most calm. I left work, after spending the day listening to people fret over the hurricane that was going to knock the east coast back to the stone age. Personally I didn’t think it was going to be that bad. Not wonderful but not as awful as we were hearing. On the way home I stopped at my friend Chrissy’s house because she needed help buying a computer. We decided to drive to Best Buy to try to look at a few (it was a laptop so I thought it would be important for us to look at some of the keyboard/trackpad combos. We drive into the shopping center where Best Buy is located and it was like a scene out of Independence Day. People flying all over the place to get into the Shop Rite located next to our destination. People stealing each other’s carts, pushing people out of the way. It was absolutely insane. We managed to wade through the sea of angry battery and water toting mob to Best Buy where we were two of 50 people there. It was the least crowded I have ever seen a best buy.

After helping Chrissy I made the masochistic mistake of thinking I might want to pick up a few things from the store despite my earlier experience. I head over to the A&P at around 8 p.m. and find a very different scene. I was completely alone in the store. No one was there and I would have thought it was closed except for the lights being on. Vegetables in the produce section littered the floor. Shell-shocked employees wandering around dazed muttering “We don’t have water or batteries so don’t even ask.” It was straight out of the Zombie Apocalypse.


Now I am going to preface this with I think my girlfriend is straight awesome. She is amazing, talented and beautiful. She also is HILARIOUS when she gets panicked and Saturday I got a front row seat to this. We decided to ride out the storm at my place since my stove is an old pilot light stove so I can still cook without power. As she is making her way over she calls and says “Don’t make fun of me but I am bringing a lot of stuff.” A lot of stuff meant enough to ride out an Ice Age if we hit one. 5 gallons of water enough clothes and food for 20 people. It was hilarious. But seriously if we had gotten hit by something serious I would have been grateful for all of her planning and thinking. Since we were fine I think it’s pretty funny.

Saturday night the hurricane is rolling over us and we go to sleep. No power loss but lots of rain. At around 3 a.m. the girlfriend wakes up and happens to look out side at the freaking RIVER that is the street in front of my apartment. Also, this is the street we parked on. She wakes me up and I look outside. The water is really starting to come up to the seam on my car door, and her car sits lower than mine. So I make a decision. Let’s go out and move the cars. We suit up and head out. So both of us can say we were actually outside in the hurricane (yay). As soon as I get to the bottom of the sidewalk my foot goes into the water, up to my knee. That was around the time I realized this was incredibly stupid and a car is not worth drowning over. Having said that I was already there so what the heck. I get in my car start it up and drive it no more than 10 feet down the road which was relatively dry as a bone. It turns out the drain right in front of my building was blocked off resulting in the flood. We head back inside and go back to bed.


Sunday morning we awoke to power and not a whole lot of damage. My street was still flooded so we settled in for a festival of movies and snacking since we had 4 tons of food. While both of our cars were still functional and drivable we discovered that water had gotten into both cars and our car floors were flooded. So I spend the morning/afternoon trying everything I could to get that water out of there. End result… I’m driving around this week with my heat on full blast and my car smells like a river bed. My girlfriend’s apartment complex was without power so we made a drive over to get some things. Princeton was completely cut off from the world so the girlfriend had the day off. I unfortunately had to go to work the next day since Lawrenceville suffered no real damage.


Monday I get up, say goodbye to the Girlfriend, get into my car, turn on the heat, roll down the windows and proceed to spend the next two hours trying to get from North Brunswick to Lawrenceville. Route 1 is a mess with closings and traffic, the 95 on ramp has one lane only, the 295 ramp looked closed. It took FOREVER to get to work but I eventually made it. From here on it was a typical day of work trying to help people get ready for the upcoming semester. Trying to help Princeton Faculty members was fun since their campus had no power and was closed but I did what I could. Eventually I left to go home and enjoyed another 2 hour detour fest down route 1.


The girlfriend’s work was open today so she left a little before I did to get there. I’m just about to finish getting dressed and leave when I get a phone call from her. I hear panic and a lot of static but what I get is “Car… Route 1…. the side of the road… come… help.” Those are the magic panic words apparently because before I realized it I was out the door in pants and an undershirt flying about 85 down Route 1 to find out what happened.  Basically my girlfriend wanted to show how much she loves Chris Farley movies and decided to reenact the hood scene from Tommy Boy on Route 1. Her hood came up and smashed into the windshield, blinding her literally on the road. Fortunately she was in the right lane so it was easy for her to pull over. I found her on the side of the road shaken but OK. We then proceeded to call a tow truck and the insurance company. I’ve seen tow truck guys grimace before but Tuesday was the first time I ever saw a tow truck guy laugh when he got out of the truck. Next we were off to the car rental place

Which happend to be in Rocky Hill which had one road in and one road out. Did I mention I had a seriously important presentation at 1 and it was around 11 when I finally got her to the rental place? Needless to say I was ready to hop curbs and run red lights to get back to my apartment. Eventually I made it back to my apartment, got a shirt and turned around and fought through the traffic to Lawrenceville where I arrived 30 minutes before the zero hour.

In the end I made it home. The girlfriend cooked dinner as a thanks for driving. And we both fell asleep around 9 p.m.


All in all it was a pretty crazy, hectic and fun weekend/week. And yes my car still smells…






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