AdBlock video: Calming your hulu frustration but is it really worth it.

I want to like Hulu so bad. I hate paying cable companies for TV I really do, but those ads. THOSE ADS! Hulu is riddled with ads that drive me crazy. Moreover I pay for Hulu Plus and i’m STILL getting ads! Well AdBlock video might have something to say about it.

AdBlock video is a free Firefox extension that blocks adverisments from websites when they are embedded in a video stream. I’ve been messing around with it for a few days now and it does work pretty well.

Now while many of us will be happy that we can now skirt the advertisements and stick it to the man, is it really a good thing to have this? Hulu offers free TV to its viewers on its site because they are getting money from ads. If the ads are blocked the companies won’t buy time from Hulu which would close them down.  As much as I hate the ads I don’t want to lose the choice to watch programs on my computer for free. It’s really a catch 22.


How do you feel about it. Should we just stick it to the man and block the ads whenever we can? Should we just endure the ads and enjoy the fact that we’re getting TV for free? It’s an interesting debate.


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