Auto startup and shutdown your computer

Some people like to wake up with a hot cup of coffee, others with some exercise. Some of us like to wake up to our lovely desktop machines all booted and ready for meme surfing. If you aren’t aware you do have the ability on most computers to set it to automatically start up and shut down. Here is how.On a Windows Machine (Startup)

Turn on your machine and go into your BIOS setup. When you first turn on your computer and you see all of that text you usually ignore it will tell you a key to press to go into BIOS (It’s usually a function key or delete).

Browse through (no mouse driver usually) ot the Power Options. Most BIOS have a section called Power Options or something similar. In that menu you can usually has an option like “Resume by Alarm” or “Auto Start”

REMEMBER you have to Save and Exit in order to have this change take effect it is not automatically saved. If you’re not sure what setting to change I would very strongly recommend looking around the internet for a copy of your BIOS manual. You can do a number on your machine if you don’t know what you’re doing.

On a Windows Machine (Shutdown)

Personally I don’t know why you would want this. Nothing is worse than having your machine shut off right in the middle of something, but if you want to schedule a shutdown here is how:


Open up the Task Scheduler by running “task scheduler” In Windows 7 for example you can just hit the start button and type in to find it.

Create a Task and on the General tab, select “Run with highest privileges” and “Run whether user is logged on or not.” You also have to name the task.

Look under the Settings tab and select “Stop the task if it runs longer than…” and set the number to “1.” This is a quirky step but it will prevent your computer from thinking a task is still running.

Next look at the Actions tab. Select “New” and choose “Start a Program” Set the program to Shutdown and the arguments to -s.

And finally under the Triggers tab you can select a time to have this action happen.


Now you’re all set.


On a Mac Machine (please note this only works on a mac laptop if it is plugged in)

Open up the System Preferences and select Energy Saver.

Click on the “Schedule” button.

Click the checkbox next to “Start up or wake.” Below that is a checkbox to set the shut down command. Simply pick a time or times and hit the OK button when done.




3 comments on “Auto startup and shutdown your computer

  1. I used to have an automatic shutdown on my computer…until I threw it out the window when it shut down on me before I had a chance to complete and save the paper I was working on at the time. (Nah, I didn’t REALLY toss it through the window…just kicked it down some stairs).

    Still, in case there is anyone crazy enough out there to want to have an automatic shutdown, at least they know how to do it now! 🙂

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