ShutterVox: Might possibly become the most annoying/best app ever

We’ve all done it before. You set the timer on your camera to get in a group photo  you run as fast as you can to the crowd only to not make it in time resulting in a fantastic shot of your butt and the side of one person’s head, who was probably blinking. ShutterVox aims to solve this problem that has plagued family photo opportunities for ages.ShutterVox is an iOS only program that will snap a photo of you whenever you yell out “cheese.” You can set it to other words if you pay for the program ($1). When I mean you you really have to yell. There is no sensitivity adjustment on the program so if anything it will be fun to watch people react when you’re taking one of those hot Facebook self portraits in the subway yelling about dairy products at your phone.

But it does work. My friend spent the last 5 minutes yelling “Cake” at his iPad prompting me to stop him and tell him “No, that’s not cake, that’s an iPad” that made this thing totally worth checking out.




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