Mind the Book is a webapp worth keeping an eye on

Sometimes you are looking for a book but you don’t know a title. Sometimes you’re looking in a genre of books but want a specific question answered. Mind the Book is your answer to this dilemma. Mind the Book is a webapp that can locate a book for you based on questions you ask. For example you search for ” Can I learn Ruby on Rails” you can find books that will answer that question. You can also just search for books and find what questions it answers. You also see whether others found the book correctly answered the question or not

From there you can click and go right to Amazon to order the book if you want it.

So far I’ve been liking the site. When it comes to my IT knowledge, I’m admittedly lacking in programming and server knowledge. I was able to find some great books that can help me catch up on how to be an admin faster. It was very easy to use.

It is still in a beta so you’ll still run into the occasional glitch but it’s definitely worth keeping on your radar.

Mind the Book

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