If you haven’t played Fruit Ninja Kinect yet you’re missing out

So in my quest to find a summer game for August I stumbled across Fruit Ninja for Kinect. At first I said to myself… well I’ve already played this game before how good can it be? I mean the concept is so simple, see a piece of fruit in the air, slice it with your hand, rinse and repeat. How much different could it be from the iPad game I’ve been playing for months?

Well the answer is that it is different but it’s not. The concept is the same, the mechanics are the same, but when playing it in front of a large screen having to use your whole body  for some reason it ramps up the fun to a while new level. Maybe it’s that the sensation of cutting is more realistic when using your entire arm, maybe it’s the huge urge to yell out when slicing (you ALL will do it don’t lie), but I find myself really using my Kinect again and even more than I did during my Dance Central addiction.

The other thing that impresses me is that while the game is simple the experience is incredibly accurate. Comparing this to what we have seen of the Star Wars Kinect game it makes me really sad. SW Kinect looks laggy, buggy and overall really annoying. Fruit Ninja, on the other hand is crisp and precise (I had 2 swings missin about 40+ hours of play). Maybe SW Kinect will be better but it looks like it was made with 10 year old technology by comparison.

If you have the spare MS point (800) Fruit Ninja Kinect is definitely worth it!


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