So I’m going to talk some Football

Yes I am one of those rare nerds that loves sports. Chief among them is football. I am a very avid Eagles fan. Now before everyone jumps on me for booing santa, and generally being part of a fanbase that people think (inaccurately I might add) is generally rude and obnoxious, I am very different than your typical fan.

First of all I am realistic. Do I like the Eagles? Yes. Do I think they are the best team ever? Not necessarily. Do I like watching other teams? Yes. So when you read my football posts I take it very seriously when itcomes to analysis and I do my best not to be emotional.


Secondly I just plain love football. I will tell you when they do something well and when they stink it up. I’ll tell you what I think as openly as I can, and unlike a lot of the “homer” writers I always will remain as unbiased as possible.

So without further adieu, I will start posting on some games I get to watch. First up. Eagles/Ravens Preseason!


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