Football: Eagles/Ravens Preseason Game: Second Half


Eagles start with the ball.

Kafka back out there. Seriously right now it is no contest that Kafka is a better QB than Vince Young. Kafka threw that pick in the first half, but he has been really sharp all night.

Eagles using a lot of hard counts and it is working. The Ravens defense has not looked comfortable all night.

Henry kicks another field goal 13-3

Ravens ball

Ravens drive to the Red Zone with a lot of counters. Guess they started to figure out a way to off set the aggression.

OOPS spoke too soon Jarrad Page with a nice pick.

Eagles take over

And we’re in the 4th quarter. Notice the drops in notes… lots of 4 and 5 stringers.

Eagles drive stalls and ends with a punt.

a couple of back and forth series but ends with a 13-6 Eagles win.


Things I have learned:

Backups that looked good:

Rod Harper (WR), Graig Cooper (RB) Darryl Tapp (DE/LB) Keenan Clayton (LB)

Both Eagles kicker and punters looked really good.

Backups that looked bad:

Eldra Buckley for the life of me I cannot understand how this guy is still on the team. Last year it was penalties and fumbles on every play he had. Cooper or Dion Lewis need to dethrone this guy.

2nd string o-line. First team looked good but once the starters were out there was more pressure than I liked to see.

Vince Youg yes I am sure the playbook is crazy hectic and he is in the midst of a learning curve, but c’mon. QB 101 is count to 3 and make a choice. Holding the ball for 5-7 seconds is a guarantee of a sack or a pick.



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