Football: Eagles/Ravens Preseason Game: First Half

So the NFL is back tonight! So I’m watching the Eagles Ravens and taking a lot of notes. Here is what I have so far. If you want to skip the notes just scroll down to the “Things I have learned” section.

First Quarter:

Ravens start with the ball first:

LOVING the aggressiveness of our Defensive line. This off-season the Eagles added a new defensive line coach, Jim Washburn, who’s mentality when it comes to football is attack, attack, attack. We’re already seeing that impact. Yes it’s a preseason game, and yes the Raven’s are not your typical offensive juggernaut, but every play we are seeing one or two Eagles linemen in the backfield every play.

One blown assignment. Ray Rice wide open… 21 yard gain.

Ravens go up 3-0 with a really weak Field Goal that barely clears the uprights. Overall a good defensive series. All of the productive yardage was off of TE/RB plays literally no throws to a WR.

Eagles start at their own 20

Wow Michael Vick looks really sharp! Really great accurate throws on each play.

Oline looking really sharp against a very good Ravens defense. Vick has time to make his reads.

Celek drops a beautiful ball! Come on Brent!

So Vick throws a bomb to Riley Cooper who jumps up and nabs the ball. GREAT catch!  That right there is the reason the Eagles didn’t really pursue Plaxico Burress. We already have a “jump-ball” catcher.

Touchdown Celek. Took three plays. Not my favorite series of plays, but 7 points is 7 points.

Eagles 7-3

Next Ravens series.

Again it’s all TE and RBs their receivers are non-existent right now. Though all these TE catches make me pause over the Eagles choices for Linebacker.

Trent Cole and Jason Babin are going berszerk getting after the QB. I haven’t seen the eagles swarming the line of scrimage like this in a long time.

Ravens Punt

Eagles get the ball back with the 2nd stringers in. Vince Young and Ronnie Brown.

Wow do I like how Ronnie Brown runs! Just pure downhill running.

Vince Young wowing the crowd running away from pressure (our 2nd string O line is letting a lot of pressure in), but despite the theatrics it’s not a very good thing. He is really holding onto the ball too long. You’re seeing 5 and 6 seconds there of him making reads. Way to slow.

Second Quarter

Overall I’m seeing the Eagles on point compared to the Ravens. Baltimore just seems like a step slow.

Eagles drive stalls but new kicker Alex Henry makes it 10-3

Next Ravens series

Still a ton of pressure

Jaiqawn Jarrett with a great pick. Read the QB’s eyes the whole time.

Eagles take over but it’s a stall fest. Vince Young is just not looking comfortable and they punt it back.

Ravens take over again

Backup QB for the Ravens Tyrod Taylor takes off for a nice run. Again the mantra in the NFL is if your QB is running the play failed. Just like Vince Young, Taylor just looks uncomfortable. Rushing throws, being wild and off target etc.

Last few minutes we get a look at Mike Kafka and some more backups.

Dion Lewis (rookie running back 5th round) playing very aggressive, making the most out of his playing time.

Kafka coughs up a pick. He definitely looks like the real 2nd string QB despite that bad throw.

Things that I have learned:

Both the Offense and Defense look really, REALLy good early on. NO PENALITIES!!!

I like Ronnie Brown.

I would like to nominate Jim Washburn for mayor of the city. I have not ever seen the Eagles Defense come across this aggressive. It’s very exciting to watch. Even the 2nd stringers are wreaking havoc getting up the field. The only way I can describe their play is “unbridled fury”

I’m not sold on the Eagles LB corps. Lots of open TE looks. Yes that was literally the only offense we were seeing, but still I just don’t know about it.




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