Dear Cable TV,DirecTV, and the NFL: you seriously SUCK

So first off this is going to be a very angry post. I am seriously at a loss for words about how ridiculous Cable TV systems where I live.So I live in north jersey. Because of this is, I am FORCED to have to use one single cable TV provider; Optimum. Optimum by default has me considered part of the New York area which means I am stuck watching all New York sports teams. I grew up in south jersey which means I like all Philly teams and I am unable to watch them 90% of the time because they only broadcast NY sports teams.

So, I try to go with DirecTV to get the NFL Sunday Ticket. Lo and behold my apartment happens to be in a place where it is literally impossible to get a Satalite signal. As much as I have begged my apartment owners to let me they will not under any circumstances place the dish on the roof of my building so that’s not happening.

Last year I bit the bullet and paid for the Sunday Ticket without having to get DirecTV. It was still 300+ dollars but I was able to get all of the games streamed to my PC. So while expensive it worked and made me happy. Today I found out I HAVE to pay for DirecTV cable in order to get the Sunday Ticket to go. Yes, I literally had a sales rep tell me if I just paid them the $300 plus 40+ a month I could get what I want. Ridiculous.

I seriously do not understand how it is legal for one cable company to control 1/2 of a state’s TV use. How is this not a monopoly? Especially when DirecTV is not possible to get where I am located. And before you start yelling about FiOS I’ll still be in the New York Area so it’s still fail.

Why can I not choose to watch Philly area channels with my cable TV package? Why can I not pay for an NFL streaming service. Yes it is kinda lame I am upset about this (waah wahh I can’t watch the Eagles), but it’s my money and right now I am forced to pay for channels I do not want to watch. The NFL is also to blame with this exclusivity crap. How does that make any business sense? Wouldn’t they make more money for the NFL if they offered this to other cable providers.

OK rant is over.


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