Apple: This is why they ditched the educational discount

With the release of all of those new fancy Thunderbolt equipped Macs, Apple quietly got rid of their educational discount. Today they showed why.To be honest the educational discount was a bit of a joke. 10% and an iPod really did pale in comparison to some of the other educational deals out there (free printers, free xbox, 5 year replace anything warranty etc), but for those what wanted a Mac for school any little bit helps.

Well today Apple is releasing an “entry level” iMac for purchase. It doesn’t pack Thunderbolt and non up-gradable RAM, but it does have a smaller i3 processor and 250Gb of storage.

Details are apparently going up on their site today. Personally if I was going to buy a new desktop machine I would go for the higher up model that packs more punch.

9to5 Mac (first reported)


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