PC Monitor: Where has this application been all of my life!?

You’re not a true nerd until you are out with friends in public and you suddenly wonder how your computer at home is doing? Is it hot? Is it using too much RAM? Is it on when you want it to sleep? For years moms had the advantage of baby monitors, well LOOK WHO’S GOT A COMPUTER BABY MONITOR NOW!!!! PC Monitor!PC Monitor (Windows and Linux only) is an application for Android iOS and WP7, that after some installs on your machine can give you a huge amount of control right from your phone. Monitor all of your computer’s vitals, turn it off, and even run commands from a terminal line. And it’s totally free!

Yes there are about a zillion remote desktop/phone programs, but none I have seen are this simple. I’ve used Ignition on my iPad and it’s still tricky to control my mouse on a 9.7 inch iPad screen. I can’t even imaging trying it on my phone with all of that zooming.

PC Monitor


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