JPC – 2 Might be a tester’s dream come true

My work machine has 5… yeah 5 Operating systems installed (XP, Win7 10.6, Chromium, and Ubuntu 11.04) and yes it was a huge pain in the butt to get them all crammed onto one laptop computer. Unfortunately I need to test a lot of things and this was my option for testing in multimple OS’s. JPC-2 might be a solution to getting rid of a few.JPC-2 will install a Java Applet that lets you run Windows XP (with or without office) as well as two versions of Ubuntu. All you have to do is click and there you go.

It’s a quick way to set up some testing on the fly. Yes it’s slow, and I’m not sure how long that Windows option is going to stay up, but hey the fact that someone was able to emulate an entire OS into an Applet is pretty awesome in my book.



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