MuteTab is a Chrome extention I have been

We’ve all had this happen to us. We have 20 tabs open and suddenly a wild sound effect/blurb appears. Now we have to start hacking trough our tabs to close the one making sound interrupting our Netflix video (which I would never ever do at work for the record… DON’T JUDGE ME!!!). With MuteTab.MuteTab is a Chrome extension that will let you right click inside of Chrome and mute a tab if it is making noise, and it works perfectly. No longer will I have to run the risk of an advertisement interrupting a training session.

You can mute other extensions too but that gets a little tricky. My only other wish is that there was a straight “Mute all” panic button so you can just mute as soon as you open Chrome so you can browse with peace of mind.

Definitely worth a look.


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