Sony VAIO Z: Could this be the beginning of gaming laptops again?

So Sony revealed a new Z series laptop in its VAIO line this week. And it has a few surprises with it that I am very excited about.Yes it’s a Sony (sorry VAIO fans I have had a lot of bad experiences in the past with your laptops), and it’s around $2,000 for a 13 incher, but there are some really nice things under the hood and in the peripherals. First off it is one of the few 13′ I have seen with a full standard i5/i7  processor options (no Low voltage) 512 SSD, up to 8 Gb of RAM and integrated graphics.

Where it gets interesting is that Sony has added the Power Media dock. When the laptop is plugged into the dock it will switch from integrated graphics to an  AMD Radeon HD 6650M graphics card with 1 Gb of memory (and a bunch of other ports, support for up to 4 monitors etc). To my knowledge the external video card has never been offered by a commercial computer company and having the option to “upgrade” your graphics is pretty amazing.

One of my biggest pet peeves as a laptop owner is how hard it is to upgrade things and video cards are the #1 complaint. Even though it is only a single upgrade having the ability to turn on more graphics when I need it is almost worth the price… almost.

Maybe I’m overstating this laptop, but I can really see this as the future of laptops and ultimately laptop gaming. You buy a basic rig then have the options to upgrade it to whatever you want/need to do more intense work.

This might be the birth of the Lego Laptop age…


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