A new Pandora look, but is it really a good thing?

Pandora just unveiled it’s brand spankin’ new HTML5 interface. It’s definitely faster, takes about 1/3 of the resources and looks pretty neat. I’ll also enjoy being able to use it on my iPad directly instead of just having to use the app. However there is another addition to this update that I am not a big fan of.Pandora is going social. Just like (insert just about every single music service) you ‘ll be able to have a profile and share what you’re listening to with other users. You can even search what others are listening to while you switch stations. This is where my problem comes up.

Why does every single service have to have some form of social interaction? I really have to set up yet another profile? Do I really care what other people are listening to? Can I not just listen to some free music without having to put in a ton of information. Can I not just link my Fb or G+ account if I am really interested in being social? And what is the end result. You’re listening to Katy Perry, I’m listening to Ke$ha and we’re both embarassed. Cool.

And is being able to look at a list really social? If there were forums to talk about music or a way to create a group play list that had explanations about why songs are on there I could see that, but I seriously don’t care about what music other people are rocking out to. If they like it they’ll post it on one of the 200000000 other social music sites that exist. Pandora stood out to me because it didn’t have this. Now what is the difference between this and Last.fm? or Grooveshark? or Google Music?

Looks like I’ll just stick to my Zune pass.


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