(Rumor) Netflix incoming price hike? With an update

Oh Netflix, how I enjoy your service. I only feel bad how you always seem to get screwed by the movie license deals you have to pay for. Well it seems like it will finally be rolling down onto the consumers.(Please note this is all unconfirmed). Rumors have it that Netflix is adjusting its pricing starting tomorrow. They are looking to add a “One DVD out at a time” for $8, and a “Two DVDs out per month” at $5.  They are also upping the current pricing for Stream/DVD to $16.

While everyone is busy crying and freaking out about it, this really doesn’t bother me. I use both DVDs and streaming a lot. My Xbox streams more than it games and I love it. I tend not to care about new movies because about 90% of them are straight crap. I’m fine still paying about $20 for the use. Everyone will just have to weigh the cost against how much they use it. Personally I think Netflix earns its money from me  per month in about a week.

Moreover, if you want to get mad at people get mad ad the MPAA. They have made it their mission to destroy netflix because the movie companies want that streaming revenue for themselves. They’re the ones forcing Netflix to jack up the pricing, and you should be mad at them.

Update: Looks like the hike will hit September 1 for all users. New users will get it when they sign up.


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