Tiny Tower is an addiction

Recently I have found myself playing more games on my iPad. I’m not willing to call it a real gaming platform just yet, but Tiny Tower might have me starting to change my mind.DING! Anyone who reads that and plays Tiny Tower just heard that sound and might be opening up their tower to see what needs to be restocked. This game is seriously addicting. I find myself thinking and planning when I’m not near my iPad constantly. All of my iOS friends are playing it and the addiction is spreading like wildfire.

In Tiny Tower you build… wait for it… a TOWER (OMGWTFBBQ) full of residential and commercial floors. People (called Bitizens) move into your tower, you employ them and they sell things in order for you to get more money to make more floors. It sounds simple but it is incredibly addicting. One fun factor is that the game actually runs in the background of your iOS device so you will make money and sell things even when you are not playing. So if you don’t have time to mess around with it, your tower will still progress.

Definitely worth checking out!

Tiny Tower

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