Windows 7: Enhance your taskbar with Bins!

I think it’s safe to say Windows 7 is the  best version of the OS to date. Lots of stability and new features. One feature is how customizable the taskbar has become. With Bins you can take it to the next level.Bins for Windows is a free Beta download that allows you to combine pinned items on your taskbar into groups. Simply install, and drag two icons together to merge them. You can also tweak how Aero Peek interacts with Bins as well as choose which icon is the primary (using large icons lets you see all of the icons in the bin).

The nice thing about this is it works with anything you can pin to the taskbar. So if you want a group of files on your taksbar but don’t want to give up the real estate, you now have a solution. Definitely worth checking out!

Bins for Windows

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