Spotify is coming to the US

Enough of this crap streaming service in the US! The Sweedish company Spotify is coming to the US, and you can sign up for an invite NOW!!Spotify allows you to search and play music. To ANY device no matter what. No uploading, no downloading, it’s straight streaming and it’s free (with ads) or pay without. Currently the company has deals with just about every major record label and a ton of independant ones so locating an artist does not seem tricky at all. Did I also mention it streams in Vorbis format meaning it is the highest quality audio streaming you can get?

Now I’m not planning on abandoning my precious Zune anytime soon, but if there is one service that could push me close to it, this might be it. Being able to stream to any device (mobile or desktop) with no hassle sounds like a dream come true.

It should also be pointed out that Spotify has been in negotiations with Facebook as well for a while now about adding streaming to Facebook. Being in the US brings this one step closer.



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