Google Plus ushers in more changes from Google and the Ecosystem Wars heat up.

Not a huge news story, but Google is going to kill off the Picasa and Blogger names from their galaxy of web services. Now they will be referred to Google Photos and Google Blogs.

The services are not going away, just a renaming. I think Google is starting to clearly define their ecosystem of products. If you use a Google product, you know it and if you like it you can quickly and easily seek out more. With the onset of Apple’s iCloud relaunch Apple has further entrenched their ecosystem. Once you buy a single i-device you’re ability to buy a second and have seamless integration. Microsoft has had an ecosystem for a while now and with the relaunch of WP7, you’ll see their ecosystem expand.

Today companies are not about buying a single device. It’s about buying a lifetime of service. We’re seeing the days of multiple software/hardware solutions come to a close. I’m not sure whether it’s a good or a bad thing.

On one hand more services is always good and I’m glad to see some of the playing field being leveled. However are we going to sacrifice freedom and choice to do so?


2 comments on “Google Plus ushers in more changes from Google and the Ecosystem Wars heat up.

  1. As a long time user of Picasa, and a long time ignorer of blogger, I think the rebranding is a sensible one, however, it will neither stop me from using Picasa, nor moving away from WordPress.

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