In my ears: Skrillex

I’ll admit it. I like electronic music. A lot. Between working out which I just started, and having to stay energized at work (I have to sit and type a lot) electronic stuff has become a mainstay in my playlists. Skrillex is in heavy rotation.Say what you want about techno, electornica, dubstep, it is addicting. Between really funny sounds and repeatative patterns I cannot stop listening and Skrillex is one of the best.

He approaches his songs with a mix of techno (your typical dance music) and dubstep (super heavy bass with lots of noise effects to create some really great music.

Skrillex started around 2008 when Skrillex (Sonny Moore) put his solo rock career aside to begin producing and mixing full time. Currently there are 3 albums out now: My name is Srillex, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, and More Monsters and Sprites. I definitely recommend all three of them.

Just to give an example

So in conclusion, admit you like it and go get all of the albums. It’s worth it.

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