Princeton Battlefield

So this weekend I had an awesome time hanging out with my cousin Brett, his wife Heather, and our friend Kim. We spent part of it at Princeton Battlefield. If you haven’t been there yet and you’re near it you’re missing out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Princeton Battlefield (located along mercer road) is a 600 (100 for the actual part) acre park with some serious historical significance. It was the first place where Washington won a battle against the British. It really is a beautiful and relaxing site. Not only that but you can walk next door and check out Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study.

The slideshow was taken along a few trails we walked that afternoon. Before all the photo snobs attack me with “your camera sucks” you are correct. I have a horrible camera it’s a rando 8 mega-pixel point and shoot. I never have owned a good camera mostly because I just never get around to learning how to properly use one. If you don’t like the photos then buy me a DSLR camera and show me how tuffguy!

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