Video games are finally getting some justice

If you are a gamer these past two weeks have been pretty exciting. That is, if you get excited about studies and Supreme Court rulings. You might be asking why you should care. Here is why.First we got the results from a study conducted by the University of Texas which correlated a drop in crime to playing video games. This study does say there is evidence that video game playing can cause aggression in some players, but that this aggression is good.

“Though there is evidence that violent video games cause aggression in a laboratory setting, there is no evidence that violent video games cause violence or crime. In fact, two recently published studies analyzed the effect of violent media (movies and video games) on crime, and found increased exposure may have caused crime rates to decrease.”

Personally I’m very happy this study shows this. So many ill-informed pundits, and lawmakers simply see video games as a gateway to committing crime and murder. Any time a violent crime is committed where a youth is involved all you see on the news is “Video games made him do it” editorials. Do video games make people cause crimes? I’m sure they do, but frankly what doesn’t now a days?

Here is the study

Secondly today (June 27) the U.S. Supreme ┬áCourt shot down California’s law making it illegal to sell “violent” video games to kids. First and foremost I am not saying kids should play violent games. I am not a parent, and I would never tell anyone how to raise their child, however I feel something like this should be left to the parent to regulate, not the state. Who determines games would be “violent?” What other regulations would this open us up to? I personally do not want to have to go to a video game shop and feel like I’m at an Adult Movie store. Moreover, if we’re blocking games that are violent, we have to block, news, history books, and pretty much anything else human beings are involved in.

Anyway, this was a pretty big series of events in video games even though they don’t have anything to directly do with gaming.


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