Mighty Text: If you use chrome you need this

So I find myself leaving my phone on silent or vibrate almost all of the time. This results in me missing calls and texts. I also hate having to switch back and forth when working with texts. Mighty Text is an AMAZING Chrome Extension that solves this.You set up your account with Mighty Text and any text message gets routed through your phone to appear on you computer screen. It also will notify you when someone is calling. The best part is that it works both way with texts, so you can just reply on your machine. It’s very similar to a pop up IM client.

You need to use Chrome, and have an Android device (2.2) in order to get this to work.

And yes before everyone jumps all over me on it, I know you can do similar with Google Voice and Growl and such, but I don’t use google voice, I do however already use chrome and have a Droid so WIN!

Also I recommend in the settings section you change it not to show the body of the message. It will just generate a pop update saying someone messaged you and you can reply or close. This is from the experience of having my fiance text me during a training session 🙂

Mighty Text


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