The Saga of my desktop: Wallpaper extravaganza!

So if you have been on my blog before you know that I spend an obscene amount of time tweaking my desktop. If I’m going to stare at it for 6 hours a day or more I want to like what I am looking at. One of the many things I change a lot is my wallpaper. I have been scouring the internet for months downloading items I find interesting or visually stimulating. I tend to gravitate towards minimalist images, or typography styles, I find the less active the image, the less intrusive they are in my workspace. I also try to get darker colors in each image. My Rainmeter items are all white which can sometimes cause things to disappear. Here is an example of my desktop now:

All of my mods are using Rain Meter and a Zune desktop theme from DeviantArt. Here is a link to my Picasa folder containing all of the wallpapers I use. 90% of these I DID NOT CREATE! I am not taking credit for any of them, and if you made one and don’t want me to share it just let me know and I’ll take it down ASAP.


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