So I watched X-Men: First Class

There will be some minor spoilers in this review.

X-Men: First Class was a movie I was somewhat apprehensive to see. X-Men happens to be one of my all time favorite comic book series, and after the hideous monstrosity known as X-Men 3, I was fearing for the worst. Fortunately, I was proven wrong. First Class is a good movie! It’s a good comic book movie, and really it’s a pretty decent general film. So, if you’re like me, still hurting from the disaster that was the first X-Men movies (That Wolverine movie is horrible too BTW) you can rest assured.

Things I liked:

There was a lot of action in it! –  The original X-Men movies drove me crazy with the minimal amount of action you would see in the films.

Prof. X and Magneto – I was also really impressed with young Prof. X and Magneto. Both actors pulled off phenominal portrayals of these characters.

Film Setting –

Things I hated:

Pacing. The pacing really drug at times. There was this sequence in the middle of the movie where it was “Bad guys do soemthing sinister” followed by “Heartfelt good guy dialogue” this repeated about 4 times in a row… unacceptable

Lack of some characters. As I said before I am an X-Men comic book fan so it really bothers me to see a “first class” movie lacking some of the core X-Men characters. Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast Angel (who is a guy), and Ice Man. It really bugged me to see Havok (who is Cyclops younger brother), no Jean, Angel is a woman and no ice man. Not cool! And I know that apparently you see them in a scene when Prof. X is using Cerebro but frankly I missed it so it doesn’t count to me.


Anyway I do think it’s definitely worth a watch, so go check it out!

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