Nyko Zoom: Now you have no excuse not to get a Kinect

So I’m not going to sit here and lie, I am a fan of Kinect. I think it’s cool. Yes some of the games are corny. Yes, the Star Wars game looks awful. I don’t care, because when I look at it I see something rare in technology today: It’s different than what other people are doing. However, one major draw back is that you need a giant room to use it. Nyko may have solved this issue.

The Nyko Zoom is a lens attachment you can add to your Kinect. It cuts about 40% of the space requirements, and you will not loose any of Kinect’s accuracy. For $29 bucks I’m thinking it’s worth the risk to try it out. I live in an apartment and having to move my couch around every time I want to play is starting to wear on me.


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