An open letter to George Lucas/Lucasarts

Dear George and Lucasarts,

I am a Star Wars fan. I have played practically every game Star Wars related since getting my first computer in 1993. My first emulated arcade game was the Vector Graphics Star Wars game. I like all of the movies (yes all of them). I’m sure you’ve heard some criticism of the prequels, and I’ll be the first to admit they weren’t great, but they were OK  and they were Star Wars so it was a given I would be cool with them. That being said I am getting really tired of what you have been doing lately and I’m letting you know you’re going to be losing a fan soon. Here is how to save me and probably a lot of other people in about 5 steps.

Step 1: Stop the Clone Wars stuff –

Seriously we get it. You like Clone Wars because it has a lot of open possibilities, but I have yet to find a single person that likes any Clone Wars game. We want to fight storm troopers not droids. Clone Wars games conjures up the less that stellar experience a lot of us had watching Episode 1. Plus WE ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! Any character we see in the Clone Wars obviously dies other than Vader and a few others so what is the point? Go forward in time, past Return of the Jedi where you really do have fully open possibilities, characters we don’t know will disappear and some new looks/planets/weapons/storylines.

Step 2: Make a New Battlefront cross platform game –

Battlefront was a fantastic game. I mean who wouldn’t like a class based 3rd person shooter ( I even didn’t mind the Clone Wars parts btw)? It was a really fun game with simple playstyle and infinite possibilities. But I urge you to try something more and further: Make Cross platform multiplayer. Maybe I am forgetting but I can’t think of any multiplayer game that lets an Xbox player go up against a PS3 player. Utilizing something like dedicated server hosting could very likely make this a possibility. Giving us a familiar game with a really fun MP feature would go a lone way.

Step 3 Bring back Xwing/Tie Fighter –

Why you stopped producing this line of games I will never know. Those early 90s space combat sims are some of the best video games ever created. Great storylines, fantastic gameplay and they’re actually difficult (If you can survive the betrayal mission in Tie fighterwith damages on you seriously are a gaming master). Make a full robust PC version, then a stripped down “arcade” version for consoles. Trust me you will win game of the year if you do.

Step 4: Release the Star Wars Trilogy game as a platform –

Star Wars Trilogy was the last arcade cabinet game I have seen about Star Wars (I might be wrong). It covers the middle trilogy and is a really fun game to play. You have space battles, land battles and lightsaber combat all rolled into one. It’s a challenge to play and incredibly fun. Figure out console/PC controls for it and release the game!!!

Step 5: Either make a good motion control lightsaber game, or give it up alltogether –

Maybe I was just biased watching the Star Wars Kinect demo but I was seriously unimpressed. You can argue the rails vs. non-rails arguement all you want, I don’t care either way. I’m much more interested in gameplay and what I saw was lacking at best. Laggy response, wildly swinging your arms around with the motion on the screen seeming to coincide with nothing, MORE CLONE WARS CRAP and meh use of force powers is not a game I want to play. Either invest some serious work in this, or stop trying. You’re playing with our hearts.

And there you have it. Follow this and once again you will be back on top as a fantastic game producer.




P.P.S MAKE THE LAST 3 MOVIES  but not in a bad way.


2 comments on “An open letter to George Lucas/Lucasarts

  1. You are hilarious. You need to work for Lucasarts. They would make a gagillion dollars with your ideas. And that means YOU’LL make a gagillion dollars and can buy me lots of pretty things. 🙂

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