My new baby!

So tonight I managed to get my summer project started. Introducing my new baby, which doesn’t have a name quite yet…Sun Ce is a 1984 Donkey Kong Jr. cabinet that has almost everything original. I’m planning on making it an emulator machine so it will have a computer inside of it so I can play a ton of different games. The cabinet is in pretty good condition and I have the original artwork for Donkey Kong Jr. which I’ll add eventually.

I have the framework for the original Joystick layout, but I’m going with a 2 player, 2 button setup for the time being. Once it’s all set I’ll be able to switch the joystick on the fly.

I’m also not using the original arcade monitor because I’m not going for originality. Plus arcade monitors are wayyy too heavy to deal with.

Over the summer I’ll be tweaking and updating my progress. I have a lot of people to thank for their help already as well as their continued help:

Brett: For being the pioneer who made all of this possible.

Chrissy and Mike: For helping me not kill myself trying to get this thing up a flight of stairs.


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