Twimera ushers in James Bond Social media

So have you ever wanted to message someone on Facebook or Twitter but didn’t want anyone else to read/see it? Twimera is your solution.Twimera is a free webapp that allows you to add a link into a post (it’s for Twitter and FB, but I tend to only use it with Twitter). Anyone allowed to look at the link (you set that). will be able to see your hidden message. Anyone who can’t won’t be able to see it. Plain and simple. You can also add a “Cloak” to your message. When an unauthorized user tries to look at your message it will send them something different. That way your friends don’t just see “Access Denied” and get all butthurt.

Twimera adds a fun bit of espionage with your social media. I mean who doesn’t get all giddy passing along secrets? Plus you can avoid those embarrassing “LOLs” when you decide to ask out a girl on a date via Twitter. C’mon you’ve all done it Right?




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