Calling all designers…

Maybe I am alone on this but am I wrong when I say every new device we see looks exactly the same? Every tablet I see is exactly the same. Glossy finish, black and chrome, aluminum. Every laptop looks identical.  You can’t tell the difference between phones until you turn them on. I am seriously sick of this.

What happened to design innovation in electronics. Yes Apple designed some beautiful hardware. I’m not denying it at all. However why on earth is every single company doing nothing but copying their designs.

Where are the colors? Give me a blood red Aluminum laptop. Maybe a Matte finish. How about Dell uses replaceable lids that are of a better material? What about an oval shaped laptop or one that has a curves base to form more to your lap. One with a detachable top so if you’re at a desk you can prop the screen up on it and use the base as a keyboard. I don’t know ANYTHING.

I find it disturbing that it seems like all of the design innovation is either reserved for niche devices that have no practical value, or are just squashed in the attempt to flood the market with designs that “sell well”

Maybe I’m missing the target of who should wake up. Maybe the corporate arm of companies have to stop playing it safe. Make a bold statement and stand out!

It’s part of the reason I’m rooting for WP7 and WebOS to make serious inroads into the marketshare buecause it’s just something that looks different.

Maybe I am off pace here but I’m beginning to feel that the gadget market is getting really stale.


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