Acer’s tears make me giddy with excitement

Earlier I was reading in a Bloomberg article J.T. Wang, the CEO of Acer took sometime at Computex to complain about Microsoft being very restrictive in what processors will work with its new Tablet OS that is being premiered tomorrow. Apparently Microsoft is being very controlling with what hardware it will allow in its tablets much like Google phones and Apple, well everything. This is a good thing.Controlling your hardware does two things. First it makes manufacturers wine because they have to to more work to create a marketable product. Second it helps the OS creator control the experience. Look at Apple. Every iMac, iPad, Macbook is exactly the same, same specs same experience. Google restricts their official Android phones to specifics to again guarantee a similar experience for every user.

Half of the reason Windows sucks (yeah I said it sucks) is because of the bad hardware, and bloatware that are added by the manufacturers. Windows Vista was not designed to run on 512Mb of RAM but I bet I can find 5 Acer laptops with that amount of RAM trying to run Vista complete with Norton Anti-Virus which is a resource hog and about 20 other bloatware programs.

Personally I’m glad MS is finally waking up and taking a bit more control of where its product is displayed.


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