Windows Users: MenuUninstaller might be a tool worth checking out.

One of my many computer obsessions I have is regarding keeping my machine as clean as possible. I am constantly uninstalling programs and items on a daily basis to insure that my computer is as clean and operable as possible. I recently came across a program called MenuUninstaller and it’s a nice addition to this process.Rather than going through the control panel to remove things MenuUninstaller gives you the option right in your context (right click) menu to uninstall. This is a great time saver. Its a free download and definitely worth a look if you’re like me and constantly removing things from your computer.


A few of my friends also mentioned to me that Revo Uninstaller is also a wonderful tool for this purpose. It does a very thorough job of removing a lot of those leftover registry entries and leftover files that your standard uninstaller loves to leave behind.

Revo Uninstaller

For those of you who are reading this and are filing it under “who cares Windows does this already.” I would caution you against that type of thinking. Leftover files and registry entries is a number one cause of Windows slowdown and screwups. Keeping the registry clean is a great way to increase your computer health.


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