AMC Dine-in theaters are the only way to go to a movie

So my friend Sarah and I decided to go see Hangover 2 this weekend. She really wanted me to go to this new Dine-in theater place in Menlo Park. Not being one to frequent movie theaters for various reasons so I was a bit pensive at first. Now I want to go there every time a movie comes out. First off, you have to be 21 or accompanied by an adult to get in which cuts down on the crowd. Second assigned seats, no more fighting for a space in the theater. Third the place has a full food and beverage service, but they bring the food to you. Yep you press a button and a waiter/waitress will come to you and get you what you want. Oh and they have a full bar there too so you can drink and eat as much as you want.

Tickets are a little more expensive but totally worth it. My ticket was 15 bucks and I paid about 22 including tip for a Mojito and a grilled chicken sandwich. Food was pretty good. Service was OK the couple next to us got their order screwed up once and then they were brought out two of everything. Other than the occasional waiter/waitress walking in your line of sight it was a really great experience and one I would definitely recommend.

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