How in the world did I miss out on Alan Wake???

Finishing out my week of stuff I should have already watched/played, I come to Alan Wake. Everyone kept telling me how good this game was and at one point I actually bought it On Demand from Xbox Live, I just never got around to playing it. Last weekend I started and I have been kicking myself for not playing this game sooner ever since.Alan Wake is a “horror” genre game where the main character is pursued and tormented by an omnipresent darkness. His only real weapons are sources of light and his relentless pursuit of the truth. I’ve played my share of horror games and have mostly been unimpressed. Where Alan Wake separates itself from the others is in the story. The narrative T.V. show style coupled with a mystery that you don’t easily see the answer to really creates an immerse experience that is sorely lacking in a lot of games today.

Another thing that Alan Wake does that I absolutely LOVE is it does not try to shock scare you. You can get almost anyone to jump with a really loud noise  and a blur of motion. Alan Wake uses suspense and shadow to really create a tense feeling while you are playing. You jump from things in the game but not from the loud noise, its because you’re constantly expecting to be attacked and are on edge throughout each episode of the game.

I think this game is a fantastic addition to anyone’s game library, and if you’re into single player games you should go out and buy it today!


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