Another T.V. show I started to catch up on

So to continue my week of “Things that are old, but I haven’t watched them yet. I have finally started watching the Shield

For some reason I just never got around to watching this show while it was running on FX. There was something about the commercials that made the show seem unappealing. I am really regretting it now.

The Shield (no spoilers I promise) follows the happenings of a police precinct in the seedy L.A. underbelly. Throughout the show you are treated to concepts of “Is a little bad OK for a lot of good?,” and “Can you hide what you are and still live your live?” and the show pulls it off beautifully. The combination of street violence mixed with the notion of trying to do good really is a joy to watch, and I definitely recommend it if you haven’t watched it yet.

The downside is that it’s only available from Netflix in DVD format so I will be eating up my entire instant que for a month to catch up on the 7 seasons worth of videos. I’m about halfway through Season 2 and I am loving it. I suggest you spare a DVD que slot for season 1  and check it out.


One comment on “Another T.V. show I started to catch up on

  1. The Shield is one of the best TV shows EVER. So awesome nearly every single episode. There is really nothing negative to say about The Shield, other than some people might not care for intense and emotionally tense drama.

    FYI–The creator has said it will never be on Blu-ray/HD to retain the 16mm look and feel; however, there are widescreen versions out there if you can find them.

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