In my Ears: Iron & Wine

It’s been a very long time since I posted up a music review. Being a musician that is kinda sad. So I’m back with a new review of one of my new favorite artists: Iron & Wine which was recommended to me by my dear friend and fellow artist Erika (@RikiWrites)

Iron & Wine (real name Sam Beam) began writing music around 1995 while working as a film and cinematography professor at University of Miami and Miami International University of Art and Design. After passing some demo tapes around Iron and Wine was signed to Sub-Pop records and the first album was released in 2002.

Iron & Wine has 4 full length studio albums out now and I would recommend all of them in a heartbeat. Iron & Wine has such a unique sound I am hard pressed to think of a comparison artist. Folk yet complex, simple yet polyphonic, wandering yet focused. I&W manages to tie all of this together in a way that is actually pleasing to the ear. By comparison Primitive Radio Gods attempts to do the same but it comes across as noise mostly.

For a long time I have been searching for something mellow and relaxing to listen to without it being simple “ambient noise” and I&W definitely seems like an excellent choice.

Thanks Erika for an awesome recommendation.


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