How to pre-pin tabs in Chrome

I love Chrome. I basically use it as my stand alone “not work related” browser. I have FF for presentations and testing and Chrome for everything else. One of my minor pet peeves was having to open the same pinned browser tabs each morning when I opened up Chrome. Now I learned a trick to avoid that (yes I know I’m late to the party).

1. First thing to do is right click on whatever shortcut you use to open chrome and select Properties

2. You’re going to be editing the Target field. My first step was to put the original target line in quotes (one at the beginning and one at the very end)

3. Leave one space then add this line at the end of the target path:


Replace the X with the number of pinned tabs you want to have when  you open chrome

4. after the tab count line leave a space and enter the URL(s) you want to have open. Leave a space between

And you’re done! Not only do you have your stuff opening already,but I bet you feel like a code pro too.


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