Gotta love Fox News every once in a while/Are Video games art?

Normally I try to stay out politics and the whole “media is evil” debate. I seriously don’t care what you think is news or is not news, but this video made me go berserk.

Here we have a video from Fox News that is trying to present a debate on whether or not the NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) should be giving grant money to video game developers. The grants are for independent and educational developers for video games (I put that in bold since no one else on the show seems to hear this point), and when compared to what we are also spending our money on is not that much. On one side of the debate you have some random dude who looks like he just woke up trying desperately to argue the points that video game developers hire artists to create games, hence they are art and should qualify for funding. He also points out that this creates jobs and more economic growth since video games are a huge industry right now.

In the middle we have some rando who continuously says “Call of Duty” is getting my tax dollars. I also love the footage they picked for stock video games, NEITHER OF WHICH WOULD HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS FUNDING TYPE! (Super Mario Bros. Really?).

And lastly we have the traitor guy from the Matrix who claims to have been a music major in college (that makes me sad). Basically railing the usual rhetoric of “Don’t tell me how to spend my money!” “The government is wasting money (how is this still a surprise?). Most of the time I think his ear piece was off because there was some serious disconnect between both points.

Again I’m not here to have a Democratic vs. Republican debate. I’m not here to argue politics ( There are way better ways to kill brain cells). But are video games art in  your opinion? Personally I think they are and in a major way, because they combine so many arts into a new artform. You have visuals, text, and music rolled into one new experience. I know that I am biased but I’d gladly give some of my money to help independent developers continue.


3 comments on “Gotta love Fox News every once in a while/Are Video games art?

  1. Even in the case of commercial video games, it’s clearly an art form. Aesthetic design decisions are made by their creators, and most video games have underlying themes and messages as well….I say “most” because I can’t quite think of any underlying ideology in “Tetris” or “Snood.”

    There’s a lot of potential for video games to be used for education. But, as usual, the folks at Fox News are entirely unable to listen, and had unshakable positions before the discussion even started.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I really doubt anyone can play a game like Allen Wake and tell me it’s not artistic.

      I also think video games could be used in a lot of ways to foster teaching. When I was a music teacher, I used to use Guitar Hero to teach rhythm to my students. They would tap out a song on the guitar controller, then I’d show them the notation version of what they did. Just by moving the rhythm out of notation into a form that they recognized, the students in that class were off the charts when it came to sight reading.

  2. Yeah, I can see why those skills would connect. Games like World of Warcraft also teach skills of collaboration and listening because you learn to work with others who have specialized skills different from your own (i.e. priests and hunters have entirely different roles within groups).

    This conversation might’ve gone better if Fox brought in Jane McGonigal instead of that bed-head guy, the conversation might’ve been a lot more interesting. Of course, I doubt that was what they were going for.

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