Can we PLEASE drop all of this stupid Fanboyism? USE WHAT YOU WANT TO USE!

I spend a lot of time on tech blogs and websites, and while I love the articles I am really starting to hate all of the comments. “Apple SUCKS!” “Google is EVIL!” “Microsoft is OVER!” While funny, reading it is starting to get really old.I just don’t get it. Why does liking one product or products by one company make you hate the others? Why do people feel the need to defend or attack other companies? Why is there such a need to create a dividing line between what technology you use? Why don’t you use what you think is best, enjoy it and shut up? I’m an example:

I have an Ipad…

and I like it a lot. It’s a fun device to have and I find myself using it more and more each day. I don’t see another tablet out there that offers as good of an experience. Apple makes a good tablet. Does that mean that any Android tablet is horrible? Not at all.

…and I use a MacBook Pro…

which I have from work (I personally wouldn’t pay that much for any laptop). Its a very nice laptop. Sturdy and durable. I like using it a lot. Are MbPs overpriced? I think so. Do they have nice hardware and design? Yes. Are there other laptops out there that are just as good? YES!

…that is running Windows 7…

maybe it’s just what I grew up on, but I really prefer Windows as an OS. Win 7 is simply put the best OS Microsoft has ever used and I find it more capable than OS X. Now that is a PERSONAL opinion not fact, and I’m sure that a lot of other users would disagree. However the laptop I work on runs Windows.

…connected to my Zune…

I LOVE my Zune. Being able to download massive amounts of music for $15 a month makes it a much better choice for me than an iDevice with iTunes. Do iOS devices have better app options? Yes. However, when you spend about $100 a month on iTunes music being able to pay less for more music is a better choice.

…while I talk on my Droid Incredible…

When I was looking for a phone, I spent a lot of time with an iPhone, and I just didn’t like the feel of the device (I also really disliked At&t which at the time was the only iPhone carrier). I’m not a heavy phone user so I don’t need a super hardcore smartphone. The Droid Incredible was my choice

The point of all this isn’t to demonstrate what equipment I use, its to remind people that you can use whatever device you want to and be happy. Seriously, I don’t see the need to vehemently defend one product over another. There are other options. People use them. Deal with it.



3 comments on “Can we PLEASE drop all of this stupid Fanboyism? USE WHAT YOU WANT TO USE!

      • Apparently it does. It’s pathetic how juvenile all the gamers are today. When I was in school, it didn’t matter whether you owned a SNES or Genesis, and even though there was a difference in power, there was no “mine has 32 bits!” bullcrap. It makes me just want to smack them in their spoiled little face and tell them to shut the hell up and play their games.

        All this random anonymous fanboyism is dividing the market into extremes. Soon you’re going to see people getting attacked in real life (verbally and perhaps even physically) because of what console they own. That may sound extreme, but the internet has given all these extremist assholes a place to congregate and grow stronger.

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