FINALLY I think I have finished my desktop

Ever since I bought my first computer I have been obsessed with making a cool looking, and functional desktop. I have spent literally years trying to find more and more ways to achieve this and today I think I am there, well almost.From wallpapers, desktop theme programs, .ini hacks I have toiled and struggled with making a  clean looking, yet functional desktop I can look at every day and not get annoyed. Here is what I have put together. So far I love it from a color, look and feel style.

Using Rainmeter I nabbed a bunch of different .ini files from two different sets (RETRO and WP7). WP7 are the tiles in the bottom as well as the inbox feed. The clock is RETRO. Editing .ini files is a bit of a chore but once you remember to make backups it’s not that bad of a hassle.

The next step is to use Windowblinds to remove the taskbar, though I might just shrink it down to a corner rather than ditch it alltogether. Lastly since I’ve just started using a 2nd monitor I’m going to add a few more rss text boxes as well as a twitter feed so I can have that info on my other machine.

If you want to learn how to do this it really is simple just download and install Rainmeter and let your creativity fly! Stop having the same boring desktop everyone else has!


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