is definitely a new startup to keep an eye on

Despite my best efforts I cannot avoid meetings where I work. Conference calls, video chats, sit downs, “pow-wows” (I HATE that phrase) there is no avoiding them. I feel conference calls are the worst. You have to get the number, usually there is a PIN involved. You have to remember when to call, and you know there is always one person that is going to be 30 minutes behind. Recently I have tried out a new solution to streamline conference calls,, and so far I LOVE is a new startup company that tries to streamline conference calls. You sign up for an account, schedule a call, enter the phone numbers for everyone and book a time. When the meeting time comes up, Bridg calls everyone on the list rather than have everyone call in! No PIN numbers, no remembering a number. Bridg takes care of itself.

What makes Bridg even better is that it has a sync with Google Calendar. Once you are signed up and synced, all you have to do is create an event in your Google Calendar, use the hashtag #bridg in the Event description and add your participants numbers (with a +1). Bridg will call everyone on the list based on the event time in your calendar (based on your timezone).

Right now Bridg does cost 5 cents per minute per user, but the company plans on making a two tiered system (one basic that is free and one that costs money but with better features) once they get some more funding. Personally I’m ready to write a check right now.

Check it out


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