I found a new show

With the end of Friday Night Lights, I am in the market for a new show. After browsing around for a bit I have settled on Sons of Anarchy and so far I’m really liking it.SoA is an FX show that chronicles the adventures of a California Motorcycle club that runs guns to make money.  I’m only into about the 10th episode so far, so I won’t give a lot away but I am enjoying the series so far. Guns, violence, sex, motorcycles, rock and roll, and Ron Perlman so there’s not much to dislike here.

I will warn it’s not a kids show and there are definitely some cringe worth moments when it comes to violence, but hey after 5 seasons of FNL I’m in the mood for something a bit more sinister. Definitely worth a watch on Netflix if you haven’t taken a peek yet.


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