Section 8: Prejudice Not a bad FPS

So I’ll be the first to admit I generally suck at FPS. I’m always dead last in Halo Reach matches, which is why you see me in a lot of Firefight. Forget about Call of Duty, most of my time is waiting to respawn only to get blasted again. Yet, I love playing them. This weekend I checked out Section 8: Prejudice and I have to say it is a pretty fun game to play.

So before everyone starts spamming me with comments about how Halo is the best or how CoD pwns all, I’m not saying it is better than any other FPS out there. Frankly, there isn’t a whole lot that is new to this game at all. You get 7 weapons with various types of ammunition. You can sprint, jump and jetpack. There are vehicles though they’re a tad OP. All in all nothing overly new and exciting.

What makes it good? It’s just an objective based FPS. First off the limited weapons is a breath of fresh air compared to CoD where you can spend forever creating a good weapons grouping. Second you can take a straight beating before you die. Each player has armor and a shield which is again a nice upgrade from headshot fests most FPS have turned into. Third you have missions as you progress through the multiplayer matches. In order to win you have to work together. Sure you can run around blowing everyone up that you run into, but without some missions you will definitely lose.

For 1200 points it’s worth taking a plunge.


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