I think I am done with Gizmodo

Gizmodo.com was one of my favorite tech sites for a very long time. I used to love their in-depth articles, fun opinions and yes even some of the troll bait they loved to roll out. However I think my time visiting that site has come to an end.

A few months ago they redit their site layout to one that has some more flash. You had animated transitions between each article. There’s a newer view feature that lets you see the “hot” article, and they updated their comment system.


First off the articles that you see now are about 200 words if you’re lucky. Partly because the rest of the site is overrun with ads. There are adds in the articles, ads in the comments, there are roll down adds that cover half the screen when you first get on there. You can’t go three sentences without running into an ad.

The other thing that has happened because of the site redesign is the lack of actual writing in the articles. The site has moved form a blog to a twitter news feed. The average article on the site now is under 200 words! They used to have such fantastic writing and now it’s about 2 paragraphs.

After years of some great reading I think its time to move on. Yes I know I can use ad blocker and some other plug-ins to block the ads, but there’s no good plugin to replace good writing.

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