There is FINALLY a decent bar/restaurant on Route 1 (NJ)

Ever since I moved up north to central NJ, I have been ever searching for a good bar/restaurant to call my own. I don’t consider myself too picky, just some decent atmosphere, decent prices for food and a good bar selection. While there are gems in Princeton, and Kingston I haven’t found one I really like right on Route 1. I think I might have found a potential winner.

El Dorado restaurant 4095 Rt 1 S Monmouth Junction, NJ is about the 4th or 5th place to take residence in the building. It replaced this hipster place called One South which was seriously one of the worst places I have been in a while. El Dorado is (as you probably guessed a Mexican themed place) with some really nice decor. One South failed because it was described as an “American Grill” with semi modern Ikea furniture and no consolidated menu. When you walk into El Dorado you instantly know you’re in a Mexican restaurant. You instantly feel comfortable and at ease.

From a drinks standpoint I felt like ED was top notch. Lots of different types of sangria and mojito choices and a decent beer selection. I will admit the food was OK, not great but OK. I went there Friday (April 1,2011) with a friend we split a pitcher of Mojitos, I had the beef enchiladas, and she had the chicken quesadillas. Again both were ok but considering that only came to about $40 total I’ll deal with less than amazing food for good price.

You also get the added bonus of a mariachi band during the evenings which ia  a nice touch.

All in all I definitely recommend El Dorado as a good bar and decent restaurant. You’ll definitely be seeing me there more.


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