Google Guru is my new search engine

So Google is a very fast search engine. You can type whatever you want into it and get the answers in an instant, but sometimes I have a question that has only one answer and I don’t need to look at 20 websites to get to it. Enter the Guru.

Just add to your Gmail contact list then send it a chat in GTalk. You get your answer really quick and when its a simple one answer solution it’s a great solution compared to a search engine. Trying to figure out monetary conversions metric to U.S. measurements, and straight facts have now become even faster.

Remember though it is not a search engine, you have to tell it what you want. For example, say you want to figure out how many kilometers there are in a distance of 5 miles. To get a response. you would have to type “Convert 5 miles to kilometers” rather than “How many kilometers are in 5 miles”

Google Guru… start using it.


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