Why Amazon’s Appstore is a game changer

Amazon launched its Appstore this week allowing Android users the connivence of browsing Amazons’ site for apps. Other than the bevy of Apple lawsuits charged against Amazon for daring to use the word “app” there was a new feature in the app store I think will be a game changer. Test Drive.Test Drive allows you to use your web browser to try out an app. You essentially get a virtualized Android environment and your mouse becomes  you finger. From there you can check out the app and see if it is worth a download. Not all apps are Test Drive ready, but from all indications a lot of them are going to have Test Drive soon.


It may not seem like much but as an Apple product owner NOTHING makes more annoyed than buying an app, downloading it and realizing it either is not correct, or sucks horribly. Not only have I spent the time downloading something I do not want, but I’ve also paid for it.


I really hope Apple begins to take a page out of this and adds either a return feature or a test drive feature. Being able to get a refund on apps seems like a no brainer, and it would make for even more app downloading since you would have less fear of screwing up.


Also anyone with an Android device should definitely check out Amazons’ Appstore, lots of cool stuff there.


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