Dear Film Industry: Stop picking on Netflix

I love Netflix. It is the single most important aspect of my home entertainment system (it runs through my Xbox 360 so I lump the Xbox in there too). The connivence of streaming movies has become a stable in many homes, and with more and more integration into TVs, and DVD players it is not going anywhere. So why does the film industry work so hard to make their lives miserable?The Movie industry finds itself in the same position as the Music industry did when the firestorm of mp3s hit the market (Admittedly the music industry had it a bit different since their content was being passed around for free). And from what I see they are making the same mistake. Rather than embracing Netflix and letting them take care of the streaming part of it, they decide to condemn it, make their content unavailable, or create their own streaming service we of course have to pay for.

I understand the desire to control their product but why are we suddenly returned to the advent of the VHS home player? When those came out the industry literally tried to make them illegal because they assumed that no one would ever go to a theater. Have movie theaters gone away? Films still make $200 million and more (even crappy ones).  Why fight a service that people obviously want and need. Moreover why spend all of the money setting up what already exists?

Another example of this is the Music industry. Rather than just accept that some people will pirate music, they create a legal think tank of the RIAA and run around suing people. How effective has that been in curbing pirating? Not at all, and they end up spending more money on legal fees then actually punishing people. Why not just go with the tide instead of fighting it?

So if you’re reading this movie execs, knock it off. Just let Netflix deliver your content for you and take your billions in revenue and make less horrible movies.


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